Monday, 17 June 2013


My favourite kind of shops are when I come home with cute, random goodies that I didn't plan to buy. On Saturday I had a quick pop to my local town to get a few essentials, and in the meantime, I found some great bargains that I couldn't resist on buying. Although I study in London, I am now back for the Summer in my hometown Ipswich. Our shopping centre isn't the best of places, so when I find some good buys I am left extremely happy! 

  • 17 Miracle Matte Pressed Powder: Boots - Because I have dry skin, I need to use a moisturising foundation. The only liquid foundations that work on my skin leave a very glossy/dewy finish which leaves my looking like a shine-ball unless I blot it with a good powder! I've been looking for a nice powder for a while that is long-lasting and looks great. As I go through this stuff like there's no tomorrow, I have been searching for an effective pressed powder at a reasonable price. This one is great. It really lasts all day and leaves a flawless finish without drying out my skin. It costs around the £3 mark.
  • 17 Stay Time Concealer: Boots - There was a buy one get one half price deal in Boots this weekend, so when I picked up the powder, it was only right to find another product to complete the deal! I also use so much concealer. I don't suffer in major breakouts, but I like to use a good brightening concealer to highlight under my eyes every morning. This one does just that and it was a great price too - £3. 
  • Lancome Flash Bronzer: Debenhams - I am a fake tan addict. I'm not a fan of putting regular self tan on my face as I don't think this is overly good for my skin and also it never seems to work that well. I've heard great things about Flash Bronzer, so when I saw it reduced from £23 to £13 I had to get it! It really does work very well. It is a gel base that can be used as an every day moisturiser due to its vitamin E ingredients. I put it on under my makeup to let it work its magic throughout the day. I really love it and it is longer lasting than other fake tans used on the face.
  • Vita Liberata Tinted Self Tan: Debenhams - This is the fake tan I always use. I have tried and tested A LOT of fake tans and this is hands down the best one for me. It is made from 100% all natural and organic ingredients so is very moisturising and kind to the skin. The colour is very golden and sun-kissed, streak free and the fade is very even too. I don't experience any scaly or patchy fade marks with this product, unlike every other tan I have previously used. I really recommend this tan to all the fake tanners out there - I promise you wont be disappointed! They have a range of products to suit every kind of person. This was also reduced in Debenhams from £23 to £18!
  • Black Wedges: Primark - Yes Primark! I love these kinds of sandals at the moment as they are so cute from the summer, they are comfy and they give me that little extra boost of height! When I saw these at the price of £10, there was no way I was going to leave without them. I'm super happy with this purchase!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend! Thank you for all of your comments - I do take them on board and read every one. Please leave your blogs and I will check them out too!
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  1. Those shoes are from Primark?! I've been wanting sandals like that for a while - I NEED! Thank goodness I discovered your shopping post!

    Yinyin xx

  2. beautiful shoes :X:X

  3. That Looks good! Very cool shoes!
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  4. Those shoes are adorbs!!

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  5. Great products!

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  6. Love this post! great for the summer!

    Hope you checkout Mialay and follow if you liked it!

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  7. Those wedges are beautiful, lovely blog :D x

  8. I have those wedges sandals too! They are so comfortable! :D

    Have a wonderful day,

    Boonya -

  9. I love 7 products, ths tinted moisturiser is one of my favourites! x


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